Audiodome SoundBlox is a media platform consisting of sounding objects (large colored cubes with sides covered by amoeba-like structures) to betouched and interacted with. They react on being moved and represent a tool for constructing sound architecture. Sound objects describe the audible and visible experience emerging from a tight interplay of sensing, program control and multi-modal reactions on physical (tangible) interactions. The Soundblox are connected wirelessly and contain loudspeakers for spatially localized sound. Above the action space a ceiling camera matches the changing patterns, positions and spatial structures and rotation status of the cubes. All these characteristics have direct and instantaneous influence on the multi-modal feedback which closes the interaction loop. Just as the colors, individual sounds are rendered for the respective cube and characterize the SoundBlox as instruments. Soundblox are audio-haptic interface objects and both input and display medium. Current applications include collaborative sequencing, story-telling, and interactive sonification.

Audiodome SoundBlox – Sequencer on Vimeo.

A joint work with Bodo Lensch, Till Bovermann, John Lensch, Sven Hahne, Thomas Hermann, Norbert Stein, Thomas Kulessa, and many more.