I’m a fourth year  Ph.D student in the Ambient Intelligence Group at the Center of Excellence for Cognitive Interaction Technology in Bielefeld, Germany. My research focus lies with the casual and auditory aspects of human computer interfaces. Right after and also during school, networks and unix systems cought my attention. The first three years after high school I worked full time as a sysadmin. In 2003 I began my studies of science informatics  at Bielefeld University. During my studies  I worked as sysadmin at the IT department of the Faculty. In 2009 I graduated with honours and a major in robotics.

Rene Tünnermann
Ambient Intelligence Group
CITEC – Center of Excellence in
Cognitive Interaction Technology
Bielefeld University
33615 Bielefeld

Office: CITEC 3-216
Phone: +49 521 106 12138
Email: rtuenner @ techfak.uni-bielefeld.de